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Deep in the Jungle
Watch brightly colored butterflies hover over blooming wild flowers in the jungle. A monkey and parrot sit up above in the trees, safe from the tiger that passes below.
Tree Squirrel
Up atop a lush green tree, a happy squirrel enjoys the passing day by snacking on acorns that drop from the branches above.
Forest Glimmer
The sun's light is shining on the forest. Tender wind is blowing as the glimmer caresses the green surroundings.
Enchanted Forest
The forest is filled with magic and charm. Colorful butterflies fly in the wild timberland, surrounding the crisp air.
Mysterious Forest
This is a forest of mystery and stillness. Butterflies are flying in the open sky, among nature's gentle warmth.
Forest Life
This forest is full of exciting life. Ducks are swimming in the pond, a deer is eating grass and taking a quiet stroll.
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